Boskoe100 offered his thoughts on Kausion member Gonzoe, who was shot and killed in Seattle this past weekend.

The man, who was once involved in a feud with the late rapper, spoke about reconciling after their celebrity boxing match. He said he was grateful that he and Gonzoe were able to squash their beef and make money together. Boskoe added that Gonzoe called him every day after their boxing match and concluded Gonzoe wanted to be friends all along.

He commented on the rapper's death and said Gonzoe's cameraman informed him of what led to the fatal shooting. Boskoe said he was told Gonzoe was involved in an altercation with a man at a bowling alley. After the altercation, the man allegedly followed Gonzoe outside and shot him.

"[The cameraman] said Gonzoe called him and said he had a studio session -- a little late-night studio session -- he was finna go get some chicken from the bowling alley. I guess the bowling alley got some good chicken," Boskoe said. "They said he went to the bowling alley to go get some chicken. While he was at the bowling alley, apparently...allegedly, he got into an altercation with another person. And after the altercation, after Gonzoe got his chicken, he left out. Allegedly, whoever he had the altercation with followed him outside and shot him."

Boskoe said Gonzoe was struck three times but didn't know how many shots were fired. Gonzoe reportedly tried running to a nearby gas station where he eventually collapsed.

Throughout the remainder of the above clip, Boskoe continued to reflect on his past with Gonzoe and pondered what could have happened during the altercation that led to the shooting.

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