Lit Yoshi is facing additional charges for his alleged role in more gang shootings following Thursday's arrest in Miami.

Law enforcement accused the rapper, whose real name is Mieyoshi Edwards, of participating in an April 2020 shooting in Slidell, Louisiana in which a man signed to NBA YoungBoy was the intended target. According to The Advocate, the NBA affiliate was set to testify against Yoshi for a previous shooting and was publicly labeled a snitch by the jailed rapper.

"According to an arrest warrant prepared by Slidell police, officers responded to reports of a shooting on April 29, 2020, and later discovered the intended target was likely a man signed to the NBA Youngboy record label who allegedly had a 'hit' out on him from a rival Baton Rouge rap group," the article read. "The man and another person, who was injured in the shooting, had just entered a car outside a Slidell apartment complex when they were met with a hail of bullets. The intended target, who escaped without injuries, was scheduled to testify against Edwards in court about a previous shooting. Detectives later unearthed a YouTube video posted in March 2020 in which Edwards called him a 'snitch.'"

Police tracked Lit Yoshi's phone to a Slidell cell tower around the same time as the April 29 shooting. His phone was also linked to another shooting that occurred on July 4, 2020. After authorities were granted a search warrant for the phone, they found additional evidence that implicated the rapper in both shootings.

Already facing seven counts of attempted first-degree murder, Lit Yoshi had been free since August 2020 after posting his $1.82 million bail. The 22-year-old rapper, who's been described TBG's top enforcer, is expected to be extradited back to Louisiana. Prosecutors have already filed a request to revoke his bond.

Source: The Advocate