Update 07/30/2020 9:53pm:

Just two days after having a new bond amount set, Baton Rouge rapper Lit Yoshi has been charged with seven counts of attempted first-degree murder Thursday stemming from a Fourth of July drive-by shooting and another shooting in April. According to The Advocate, Lit Yoshi was also charged with "two counts each of illegal use of weapons and aggravated criminal damage to property, and one count of assault by drive-by shooting," in connection with both the April 6 and July 4 shootings. The July 4 shooting reportedly left two children injured in addition to two adults. The Advocate also notes, "Prosecutors charged Edwards in a second bill of information Thursday with aggravated assault with a firearm in a June 25 incident." 

The rapper is also scheduled to be arraigned on new charges Monday. While the charges continue to mount, Lit Yoshi's attorney Ron Haley told reporters, "Despite all that Mr. Edwards is charged with, there's only one witness that associates him with any of this stuff."

Update 07/29/2020 8:15pm:

New information regarding Lit Yoshi shows the Baton Rouge rapper is being investigated for his role in a string of shootings that span from April 2019 to July of this year. During his hearing on Tuesday, Lit Yoshi was accused of being the "top enforcer" of a local street gang. A Baton Rouge police detective testified at Tuesday's hearing and said Lit Yoshi, real name Mieyoshi Tyree Edwards, is a member of the TBG, or Top Boy Gorilla, a gang whose top rivals include NBA (Never Broke Again) and BBG (Bottom Boy Gorilla) gangs. Lt. Scott Henning, an East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's homicide supervisor said on Tuesday that Edwards is "either calling the shots on who is being targeted or he does the shootings."

Lit Yoshi had a new bond set at $1.82 million after Tuesday's hearing. According to Lit Yoshi's attorney, the rapper plans to live in South Florida if he is able to post bond. The judge also said the rapper would be on an 8 PM to 6 AM curfew and "will be allowed to record music but won't be allowed to make any social media postings, and firearms won't be allowed where he stays." 

Original 07/11/2020 2:12am:

According to reports, Baton Rouge rapper Lit Yoshi, real name Mieyoshi Tyree Edwards, had his bond set for over $1 million following his arrest in connection with two shootings. The 21-year-old was arrested earlier this week on multiple attempted first-degree murder charges stemming from two separate shooting incidents on April 6 and July 4, that left a total of three adults and two children injured.

Investigators were able to trace Edwards through the suspected vehicle rentals he used during each shooting. Authorities say both cars were rented by Edwards' girlfriend and matched the timeframe of the respective shootings. 

Judge Bonnie Jackson, of the 19th Judicial District Court, set Edwards' bond at $1.16 million on Friday. According to jail records, he was still in custody by Friday evening. 

Source: instagram.com