Gucci Mane has seen success with many of the artists he’s put on in the last 10 years. Rappers like Young Thug, Pooh Shiesty, and more have become household names from their alliance with Guwop. Another artist who was set to see success—Foogiano, faced a setback after the rapper went on the run after melting his ankle monitor to track his house arrest situation. Because of that, Foogiano was sentenced to five years in prison. Now, Meek Mill has commented on the situation.

Meek has been very vocal about the criminal justice system, with his own struggles being widely documented. Via Twitter, Meek said, “Free foogiano… don’t try to kill that man whole career about tryna protect his self years ago!”

The incident in question that Meek is referencing stems from a 2015 burglary conviction, where Foogiano was charged with possessing a firearm as a felon. The conviction found a judge recommending that Foogiano wear an ankle monitor and remain in Georgia. Take a look at Meek’s response above.