Update 03/19/2021 1:18pm:

The Houston attorney representing Deshaun Watson's accusers has exposed alleged texts from the star quarterback to a masseuse, one of which shows the Texans player apologizing for making her feel uncomfortable.

One of the text conversations shows Watson attempting to schedule an appointment with a masseuse before asking if she's "comfortable with the glute area." In another conversation from March 30, 2020, Watson allegedly apologizes to an accuser.

"Sorry about you feeling uncomfortable," Watson allegedly wrote. "Never were the intentions. Lmk if you want to work in the future. My apologies."

After posting the messages, the attorney, Tony Buzbee, said more texts will be posted in addition to copies of the lawsuits.

Since previously reporting that six total sexual assault claims were coming against Watson, four more lawsuits have been filed against the Texans quarterback, bringing the total to seven. Buzbee also said there are now a total of nine women who plan on suing Watson.

Look above for images of the alleged texts.

Original 03/19/2021 10:06am:

Update 03/19/2021 9:15am:

Previously, Deshaun Watson was hit with lawsuit from a female masseuse who claims the Texans quarterback sexually assaulted her. The allegations have been denied by Watson, who noted he didn’t see the complaint but has never treated a woman with nothing but the “utmost respect.” Now, the Texans have issued a statement on the matter.

The NFL noted they launched an official investigation into the matter, saying “The NFL informed us today that they will conduct an investigation into the allegations made in the civil lawsuits filed against Deshaun Watson. We will stay in close contact with the league as they do. We continue to take this and all matters involving anyone within the Houston Texans organization seriously." Stay tuned for more updates.

source: NFL Network

Original 03/17/2021 2:06am:

According to reports, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is being sued by a female masseuse who claims the star QB sexually assaulted her. 

In response to the allegations surfacing, Watson took to social media to clear his name. “As a result of a social media post by a publicity-seeking plaintiff’s lawyer, I recently became aware of a lawsuit against me,” wrote Watson. “I have not yet seen the complaint, but I know this: I have never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect.”

He added that the woman's attorney, Tony Buzbee, “made a baseless six-figure settlement demand." When Buzbee announced the filing of the lawsuit, he wrote via Instagram, “This case we just filed against Watson isn’t about money—it’s about dignity and stopping behavior that should be stopped, NOW! Stay tuned for details,” adding, “LET ME SAY THIS. I’m a Marine. I’m not easily intimidated.”

Source: fox26houston.com