Trump’s time on the way out of being president has been a crazy one, as his words incited a riot of the U.S. Capitol building that resulted in the deaths of many people. Since then, Trump has found himself being banned from numerous social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more. This led to rumors surfacing that Trump had a profile on OnlyFans, which was recently debunked by the platform. Despite the fake profile, 50 Cent took it as a chance to clown the disgraced president on Instagram.

50 Cent posted a photoshopped meme of Trump with Juicy Couture shorts on. The meme said, “No more Twitter, follow me on OnlyFans!” On the caption of his IG post, 50 wrote, “Damn 👀just don’t forget to pardon a few people on the way out s**t! LOL.”  Take a look above.