Eminem and Snoop Dogg have been at odds since Eminem reacted to Snoop leaving him off of his top ten list. After taking a shot Snoop on "Zeus," Slim Shady later explained that he took issue with the Long Beach legend's tone and comments after revealing his list more than the list itself. Snoop Dogg responded to "Zeus" by calling the diss "soft."

As the feud seems to be escalating, Crooked I provided a statement on the growing rift. The Slaughterhouse member revealed that he had been getting asked about the feud due to his relationships with both rappers. While Crooked I acknowledged that Hip Hop is competitive and diss records are among some of the greatest rap songs in history, he warned that an Eminem and Snoop Dogg beef would not benefit the culture.

"For everybody who thinks that this s*** is gonna just be two records going back and forth, or a few records going back and forth, you're very wrong," Crooked I said. "This has the potential to be the most polarizing beef ever in Hip Hop, you know what I mean? And for that reason, I think it's not good for the culture. I don't think it's good for the culture."

Crooked I added that Eminem and Snoop beefing would cause a larger racial issue and divide within the Hip Hop culture.

"This is going deeper than who had the best song. This is going deeper than that," Crooked I warned. "They're gonna make this a racial thing. That's what's gonna happen. Every think piece, all of the comments - that's gonna start a conversation that becomes bigger than the actual music, the diss records. The conversation will become bigger than the diss records. Trust me on that. They're gonna make it a racial thing and it's gonna widen the divide in the culture. That gap is gonna be like The Grand Canyon when they're done with this s***. You better understand what you're asking for."

"These are two icons. These are two legendary icons in Rap culture, Hip-Hop culture, and Pop culture," he continued. "And with that status comes a lot of support on both sides. You're gonna have people stepping out, verified accounts, choosing sides. You're gonna have that conversation going, Black vs. White. It's gonna get ugly."

Crooked I referred to the feud as a disagreement rather than a beef and refused to cosign the two icons engaging in a back and forth because of the potential consequences. He also wished that the two icons would talk out their differences privately to "find common ground to take it to higher ground."