T.I. recently sat down with Power 106 hosts Teddy Mora, Melissa Rios, and DJ Carisma, where he spoke about his latest album, The L.I.B.R.A. (The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta)

During the sit-down, Tip also weighed in on the controversy surrounding Ice Cube's meeting with members of the Trump Administration, which spawned Trump's Platinum Plan for Black America. The plan is a $500 billion package that aims to help Black communities, and T.I. believes that people should "give Cube the benefit of his reputation."

T.I. explained, "To add input to this initiative for the greater good of your people, and only one side responds? That's not Cube's fault. If we ain’t never known or seen or caught Cube on no bullsh*t—doing no tap dancing and bending over backwards for no white supremacist—why you think he gon' start right now 35, 40 years in? Why? You've got to give him the credit of his credibility. And if you ain’t never known him to be on bullsh*t before, why you gon just automatically put him in the mix of some bullsh*t now?" 

T.I. also revealed that Polow Da Don told him that Trump and his team wanted to meet with him, which you can hear more about above.