Following a wave of backlash, Ice Cube spoke with Rolling Stone about inspiring the Trump campaign's "Platinum Plan" after speaking with them about his "Contract With Black America." 

During the sit-down, Ice Cube clarified that he never met with Donald Trump in person, as he revealed that he met with the president's team at a hotel, where they discussed the terms of Cube's plan. He stated, "Now, I didn’t talk to Trump. I’ve never met him in my life. So I talked to his people and he made the adjustments in his plan. That’s just the truth. I can come up with some bullsh*t and lie about what happened. That’s the truth. That’s what happened. And the Democrats still had the opportunity to do the same thing. They have the opportunity to do this."

Cube then stated that he's going to talk to every president in the future until he sees that real change is being made for the Black community. He added, "I'm not playing this game no more of jumping on this team and that team and this side and that side. I don’t care. I'm saying I'm a single-issue voter."

Later in the interview, Ice Cube speaks about how he thinks NWA's "F*** Tha Police" changed the way police are being held accountable. He stated, "So now, you have police going to jail for murder, you have police getting fired, you have police being held accountable in all different areas. So, that’s what I see. From doing that song, it put emphasis on a problem in America and it kept you right there. It just manifests itself in the country. It just took a long time." 

Cube ended by saying that he sees his current fight for equality in the Black community changing the 2024 election, stating, "I know by the next one they’re going to take black people seriously, regardless." He added, "Nobody is going to take us for granted because I ain’t letting that happen. No party is going to be able to take us for granted."

Source: Rolling Stone