Update 12/02/2019 2:45pm:

Previously this year, Remy Ma turned herself in after ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Brittney Taylor accused the rapper of assault while they were backstage at an event. As a result of turning herself in, Remy was hit with multiple assault charges, which caused more issues for her as she is currently on probation.

Now, news has surfaced saying the charges against Remy were dropped. This comes after the rapper’s legal team left a New York courthouse and noted that prosecutors couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Taylor was assaulted by Remy Ma.

Remy Ma’s attorney said “Remy has always maintained her complete innocence as she never laid a hand on her celebrity-obsessed, clout chasing, credibility challenged accuser. Unfortunately, these manufactured allegations caused my client to suffer the indignities of having to wear an ankle monitor while having her freedom limited by travel restrictions and an 8:00 PM curfew.” They continued on saying “These restrictions have hurt my client's ability to perform, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost income. District Attorney Vance’s office should be commended for its exercise of sound judgment in agreeing to dismiss these unwarranted charges."

source: TMZ

Update 05/24/2019 1:30pm:

Although her publicist had recently called the allegations against Remy Ma a "baseless money grab attempt," it's now being reported that prosecutors have now formally filed four charges against her for the alleged assault on L&HH star Brittney Taylor.

The Bronx emcee has been charged with 2 counts of assault in the third degree, 1 count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and 1 count of harassment in the second degree, all of which are misdemeanors.

As told by Remy's attorney, Dawn Florio, one new development in the case is that prosecutors have updated the time of which the alleged attack occurred, moving it up an hour to align with the time that Remy was in Irving Plaza for the benefit concert. 

With that said, Remy has been offered a deal to plead guilty to the assault to have the other charges dropped, a plea that would also require her to enter a long-term anger management program. Thus far, Remy hasn't taken the deal and her trial is now set for July.

Source: TMZ


Update 05/02/2019 9:03am:

Remy Ma was released from police custody on $1,500 bail on Wednesday (May 1) after turning herself over to police for allegedly punching Love & Hip Hop star Brittney Taylor. 

Remy's attorney, Dawn Florio, disputed the claims, adding that there's video proof of Remy at home when Taylor said she was attacked. The judge in the case established a protective order where Remy and Brittney will have no contact with one another. Remy will also have an 8 pm curfew. 

Source: TMZ 

Original 05/01/2019 7:37pm:

After recently being posting photos with an ankle monitor, Remy Ma turned herself over to police on Wednesday (May 1). 

Remy is being held on a misdemeanor assault charge after allegedly punching Love & Hip Hop star Brittney Taylor. Taylor showed off her black eye on Instagram and claimed that it was Remy who gave her the injury. Taylor's lawyer Sandford Rubenstein spoke out about the situation, stating, "This arrest demonstrates how serious this matter is. It is real life and not reality TV entertainment. The victim, Brittney Taylor, has confidence in our system of justice and will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities."

Rubenstein also gave some insight into what started the situation, stating, "A conversation did take place involving Remy Ma's stepchild... I don't have any details with regard to the specifics of the conversation, but that's what led up to the event." 

Source: Complex