Following her release from police custody last week, Remy Ma's publicist has released a statement that claims the assault case is "baseless" and nothing more than a money grab attempt from L&HH Star Brittney Taylor.

In the released statement, her publicist Ernest Dukes wrote that "there's no credible evidence to corroborate Taylor’s story," which accuses Remy of assaulting her and giving her a black eye at a cancer benefit concert last month.

Elsewhere, Dukes wrote: "In addition to the fact that Taylor bypassed numerous police officers that were on the scene to post allegations on her Instagram page and hired a civil lawyer, who is known for high profile lawsuits, both of Remy’s lawyers assert there's credible evidence to support that this is a baseless case and nothing more than a money grab attempt."

Later on in the statement, Dukes notes that Remy is currently still on parole with approximately 85 days of supervision left on her 5-year post-release sentence, while adding that "for the past 4 years and 9 months she has been a model citizen by maintaining employment, completing all mandatory programs, staying drug free, adhering to all rules and has never even had a curfew violation."

With that said, Remy Ma is currently out on $1,500 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on May 24 for the pending misdemeanor assault charge.  

Source: TheRoot