Malik Yoba has been in the news for his revelation of being a "trans-attracted" man. While some praised him for coming forward and opening up about his sexuality, Yoba was also receiving criticism for using the trans experience as a way to garner attention. What's more, Yoba was hit with allegations of soliciting sex from a trans teen. Yoba's accuser, Mariah Lopez Ebony, said that he solicited sex from her when she was 13 and 16 years old. 

During a recent interview with The Root, Yoba was asked about the allegations and became irate. "It's a set up. I don't like this. We said we were going to talk about policies. I don't appreciate this at all. This is not what we f*cking discussed. We sat for four f*cking hours. We sat for four f**king hours," the actor yelled. "F**k you! This is my f**king life," said Yoba before storming off.