Nike has been embroiled in controversy after they halted the release of the Air Max 1 'Betsy Ross Flag' in celebration of the Fourth of July. While many applauded the decision to pull the sneakers after concerns were raised about the flag's linkage to slavery as well as its resurrected status as a symbol of white nationalism, others weren't so enthused by Nike's decision. 

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey took to Twitter lamenting Nike's decision saying that the colonial-era flag is representative of Betsy Ross being a "founding mother. Her story should be taught in all American schools. In the meantime, it’s worth googling her." But Ducey isn't just expressing his concerns about the matter culturally, the governor is looking for this decision to carry financial ramifications as well. 

Governor Ducey noted that he intends to pull the financial incentives that the state was offering Nike as it looked to expand its manufacturing plant to Goodyear, AZ. He contacted the Arizona Commerce Authority and notified them to withdraw any funding that was tied into Nike and the company's announcement of the Goodyear, AZ manufacturing plant. The reported plant was supposed to bring roughly 505 full-time jobs to the area.