Colin Kaepernick must carry a lot of weight over at Nike because the athletic apparel decided to pull its upcoming Air Max 1 'Betsy Ross Flag' which was scheduled for a July 4th release after the former quarterback raised concerns about the company selling products that featured a slave-era emblem. The Betsy Ross Flag first appeared in the 1790s and features 13 stars in a circle representing the 13 original colonies of the United States. Kaepernick and others pushed Nike on their decision, not only about selling merchandise featuring racially insensitive symbols but that the Betsy Ross Flag has been resurrected as a symbol for the Patriot Movement and Identity Evropa (pronounced “Europa”) as representing white nationalism. 

Public outcry, stemming largely from Kaepernick, forced Nike to recall the sneakers which had already been shipped out to a number of retailers. It's no word on what the company will do with recalled apparel.