Despite their reputation of being some of the 'nicest' fans around the league, that narrative has changed over the last 48 hours as the Toronto Raptors faithful is starting to be looked at in a different light.

Once Game 5 was complete, the Warriors made no secret of their disgust for the scattered cheers they heard around the arena when Kevin Durant suffered his Achilles injury, which is all anyone remembered despite the majority of fans chanting KD's name as he limped off the floor. 

Now sometime later, footage has surfaced of Toronto fans heckling the Curry family outside the Warriors team hotel, where they can be heard repeatedly screaming "f*** you" to both Dell and Sonya Curry as they exited a vehicle. 

While Dell tried to diffuse the situation by seemingly ignoring it, the hecklers clearly got to Steph's mother who let it be known she wasn't cool with any disrespect.

Source: Twitter