With the prevailing presumption that Kevin Durant injured his Achilles in the second quarter of Game 5 on Monday night, many fans and analysts alike are thinking about the implications this injury will have on the looming free agency landscape. However, if one was to direct their attention back to the moment when KD went down with the apparent Achilles tear, you could hear the fans cheering at Durant coming up lame. 

Steph Curry spoke about that specific moment during his postgame presser where he reflected on his time living in Toronto while his father was a member of the Raptors and essentially said the cheering was unbecoming of the Torontonians. 

"I've been in this city for...I've lived here. Really enjoyed the people and their passion and excitement for not only the game but [they] just enjoy life and they're nice people," Curry said. "[I'm] very confused around that reaction. That's not my experience with the people of this city. I commend, obviously, Danny Green and Kyle Lowry especially. I think they were the ones that were kinda signaling to the crowd like, let's check ourselves a little bit. You understand that this is about an individual and human being and not, oh shoot, he's out, he's hurt, we won the championship. That was probably their initial thought and...you hate to see that when a guy's going through pain like that. Again, that's not my experience with this city and I just hope that that ugliness doesn't show itself again as we go forward in the series." 

Source: twitter.com