There's a lot of paperwork floating around in regards to RondoNumbaNine's 2014 murder case, as only days after court documents revealed that Tay 600 didn't snitch on Rondo and his co-defendant Cdai as previously thought, it's been noticed that those same documents actually indicate that Rondo himself had argued that Ealy was the sole shooter.

Rondo, real name Clint Massey, and Cdai, real name Courtney Ealy, were sentenced to 39 years in prison in 2016 for the murder of a cab driver identified as Javan Boyd, though the new documents suggest that on appeal, Massey has argued "that (i) his counsel was ineffective for not more vigorously pursuing a defense theory that Ealy was the sole shooter."   

It should be noted that Cdai had originally labeled Tay 600 a snitch as previously mentioned, while the new information has led many to believe that it was Rondo who cooperated in an effort to gain a lighter sentence or a mistrial.

You can read the full paperwork here.