Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine received a similar fate to fellow OTF member Cdai on Tuesday [July 5], when he was handed down a 39 year prison sentence for his role in a 2014 murder. Both RondoNumbaNine, whose given name is Clint Massey, 19, and Cdai [Courtney Ealy, 21], were found guilty of first-degree murder in March. Ealy received his sentence, of 38 year, back in May.

Massey and Ealy sealed a future behind bars when in February of '14 they approached a car parked outside of Chicago's Wentworth Gardens apartment complex, armed with criminal intentions. The Savage Squad Records artists had been in the neighborhood intent on getting revenge for an earlier shooting. Javan Boyd, 29, had been utilizing his car to make money providing taxi service when he was approached while waiting for a customer at 4 a.m. Massey and Ealy would reportedly ask where he was from before unloading 7 shots and driving off. Boyd was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

To their misfortune, the crime had been captured on the Chicago Housing Authority's video surveillance. Ealy had also blown their anonymity by dropping his cell phone at the scene. Boyd was only a month into his job with the Pershing Livery service when his life was taken.