Last month Puma released its beta program for the "Fi" (Fit Intelligence) sneakers expected to be released next year, allowing “tech-savvy” people to test the shoes so they can give feedback on its usability, design, engineering, and wearability.

To promote its campaign Puma had Lewis Hamilton show off the new shoes on social media, where the five-time Formula One World Champion previewed the new technology that takes the "Back to the Future" nostalgia to another level. 

With its advanced self-lacing technology, the sneakers adapt to a wearer’s foot with the swipe of a module on top of the shoe’s tongue, as a micromotor pulls a pair of blue cables that run through the sneaker. From there, tightness can be adjusted through a smartphone app or an Apple Watch.

The shoes are the successor to the AutoDisc, which were Puma’s first wirelessly connected self-lacing sneakers from 2016. Meanwhile, similar to Nike’s self-lacing shoes, the Fi at the moment don’t have any tracking capabilities that allow it's wearers to log steps or measure calories burned.

As beta testers will likely request that Puma adds some new features, the Fi are set for $330 when they launch in 2020, $20 cheaper than Nike’s HyperAdapt BBs that were released in February. 

Source: Twitter