New details are emerging surrounding Magic Johnson's resignation as the Lakers' President of Basketball Operations, and NBA insider Ric Bucher explained to Collin Cowherd what prompted his decision. According to Bucher, Johnson got wind of Lakers owner Jeanie Buss and team executive Rob Pelinka criticizing his decisions in emails behind his back. 

Bucher explained, "My understanding is that there were some emails that were exchanged between Rob and Jeanie…about Magic and about what Magic was and wasn’t doing."

He added, "Somehow, someway, Jeanie, from what I understand, was CC’ing or blind CC’ing Magic on everything. That was sort of protocol. Standard issue. Somehow, the exchange between Rob and Jeanie ended up on that string of the blind CC’s that were going to Magic. So, Magic now is seeing emails from Rob to Jeanie that were critical of what he was doing... so when he talked about the backstabbing, to me, my understanding that’s what started it."