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In this VladTV exclusive, Vlad spoke to Kerry Lathan - the man who was shot alongside Nipsey Hussle and ultimately arrested for a parole violation.

Kerry Lathan noted that he just got out of prison after doing a 26 year-to-life sentence. Lathan also expressed frustration at why he was placed in jail in the first place and noted that he was put back into prison for coming in contact with a gang member (Nipsey Hussle). Lathan also spoke on his condition in jail and broke down his original conviction, saying he only served 24 years.

Lathan detailed the moment he came in contact with Nipsey in the parking lot of the Marathon Store and described how Nipsey, himself, and his nephew were shot. Lathan pointed out that Nipsey looked out for him when he came home, despite them only meeting a few times prior. Listen to the full interview above.