Previously it was reported that Nipsey Hussle was only at the Marathon Clothing store to help out an old friend who had just been released from prison, and that the unidentified man was one of two victims who survived the shooting. 

That man was later identified as 56-year-old Kerry Lathan, who has now been arrested for his gang associations to Nipsey. Lathan, who was shot in his back and is now confined to a wheelchair, was out on parole after serving 20 years for murder. Although still unable to walk from his injuries, Lathan was arrested today at a halfway house for violating his parole, particularly the condition that doesn't allow him to associate with any known gang members.  

Lathan is now in Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles where the authorities are trying to revoke his parole, as the entire city simultaneously celebrates the same man that he's was arrested for associating with. 

As it was reported, Nipsey had only met up with Lathan to provide him with new clothes before he reunited with his friends and family.

Source: TMZ