Update 02/15/2019 12:54pm:

Earlier this morning, a short clip of 21 Savage's first interview since his ICE arrest was released on the internet, and now Good Morning America has put out an edited version of the full interview. During the conversation, 21 said he was completely blindsided by the arrest when it occurred on Super Bowl Sunday, recalling that he didn't hear the authorities say anything other than "we got Savage," insinuating that he was targeted to be made an example of. 

While his lawyers suggest that he may have been targeted over his lyrics, 21 says he can't be sure of that, though he doesn't believe that his detainment for an expired visa was an appropriate consequence. 

"I've been here 20 years, 19 years," 21 said in the interview, "this is all I know, I don't think you should be arrested and put in a place where a murderer would be, just for being in a country for too long.

From there, he stated that he was in a cell all day long prior to being granted bond, which could be interpreted as confirmation of the reports that he was on a 23-hour lockdown. When asked about less fortunate inmates who aren't granted bond, 21 said: "I feel your pain and I'm going to try to do everything in my power, to bring awareness to your pain," while saying his other priority is becoming a permanent US citizen.

Source: YouTube

Original 02/14/2019 10:24pm:

In his first interview since being released from ICE, 21 Savage spoke to Good Morning America about his arrest. He claims that the officer said, "We got Savage," when they pulled him over, adding that he was "definitely targeted" in the situation. 

The full interview is set to air on Friday (February 15) morning.