Despite his well-publicized arrest that has him potentially facing deportation, 21 Savage certainly has his fair share of supporters throughout the entertainment industry, while now it appears a very influential congresswoman is in his corner as well. Responding to a video segment from Fox & Friends that criticized the politician for her refusal to endorse ICE while referencing a deadly shooting in Queens, New York, Ocasio-Ortez wrote: “Unlike these people, I actually care about my community. This happened across my old campaign office. We’ve been monitoring this heartbreaking situation and have been working with the community to heal. Meanwhile, ICE is detaining children, political activists & 21 Savage."

This isn't the first time the congresswoman has mentioned 21 in recent days, as upon hearing about his arrest, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted his lyrics from his recent Tonight Show performance. In a way that could easily be implied that she felt that the arrest of 21 was either a conspiracy or just plain injustice, Ocasio-Cortez wrote: “The gas was off, so we had to boil up the water/Been through some things so I can't imagine my kids stuck at the border/Flint still need water/ People was innocent, couldn't get lawyers." - 21 Savage on last Tuesday’s Tonight Show."

Prior to her support for 21 Savage, Ocasio-Cortez publicly endorsed Cardi B's "dog-walk" comment to conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, writing: "Why do people think they can mess with Bronx women without getting roasted?"

Source: XXLMag