Within the first month of the new year, there have been a number of high-profile arrests within the hip-hop community, with Blueface, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage in particular making headlines for allegedly breaking the law at the height of their careers. For that reason, TMZ's own Van Lathan took to social media to question the timing of all these recent arrests, while seeming to insinuate some type of agenda or conspiracy.

"Yo it never seems odd to you guys that these guys always get arrested after they come up?," Lathan wrote in the tweet, "Ice wants 21, Blueface got popped last week and now Baby?," before adding numerous emojis that illustrated his suspicions. 

In the comments, some people spoke on the notorious reputation of the 'hip hop police,' while others simply noted that they were facing the consequences of their poor decisions. All the same, following the arrest of Tekashi and his Tr3way crew last year, there's no question that a lot of the genres brightest stars are finding themselves behind bars at a disproportionate rate.

Source: Twitter