According to reports from Rolling Stone and The Blast, 21 Savage is being held at  Irwin County Detention Center, which has been accused of an array of human and civil rights violations. 

Azadeh Shahshahani, former National Security and Immigrants’ Rights Project Director for the ACLU of Georgia, spoke with Rolling Stone, calling Irwin "a horrendous place and one of the worst immigration detention centers in the U.S." Shahshahani also co-authored a report investigating Irwin, which showed that inmates were regularly thrown in solitary confinement, fed food containing bugs and that is spoiled, not able to access medical care, and cases of sexual abuse have reportedly been ignored. 

Shahshahani submitted the report to the U.N., which she commented on, saying, "The purpose [of reaching out to the U.N.] is to raise awareness about the conditions [at Irwin and Stewart], continue to keep these issues in the spotlight, and let the government and the corporations know that the world is watching, and they cannot continue to abuse people in this way."

Source: Rolling Stone