Update 01/04/2019: Scottie Pippen addressed footage of LeBron calling himself the GOAT in footage from ESPN's upcoming More Than an Athlete series. Pippen questioned why LeBron feels the need to call himself the GOAT, adding that Michael Jordan has never said that about himself. 

Pippen then added, "Winning ultimately decides who the greatest players are in the game. My case is closed." 

Original 12/31/2018:

As basketball fans continue to debate over who's the greatest out of Kobe, Jordan, and LeBron, the King himself has offered his own two cents as to why he deserves the crown. During the latest episode of More Than An Athlete, an eight-part series that focuses on LeBron and his closest friends, LeBron presents a case as to why he considers himself the greatest basketball player in history.

"That one right there made me the greatest player of all time, that's what I felt" LeBron said in reference to the Cavaliers 2016 Finals win over the Golden State Warriors, "I was super ecstatic to win one for Cleveland because of the 52-year drought, the first wave of emotion was me crying because of all of what's gone on in Cleveland, and then after I stopped I was like... that one right there just made you the greatest player of all time."

To explain his position further, LeBron reminded the room as to how "everyone considered [the Warriors] to be the best team of all time, that they were the greatest team ever assembled, and for us to come back in that fashion I was like... you did something special."

LeBron went on to say it was one of the few times in his career he was able to take a moment to reflect on his accomplishments. 

Source: Instagram