Update 01/02/2019:

All within a day the identity of Meek Mill's alleged new girlfriend has been revealed, with reports suggesting that her name is Janice and her Instagram page is jannyram_. A quick look at her timeline shows that Janice is confident of her sex appeal and appears to travel often, while her IG story insinuates that people are "jumping to conclusions." 

Source: Instagram

Original 01/02/2019:

There's no doubt Meek Mill ended 2018 with a lot of momentum, and now he's insinuated that there's love in the air to start off the new year. Just last week the Championships rapper's son revealed that he wished for his father to get married for Christmas, and by the looks of it Meek might have found that special one. 

On the first day of the new year, Meek posted a provocative picture of himself and an unidentified woman on a jet ski, who in another photo has her face hidden with a smiley face. Fueling more rumors, the rapper was recently asked on Twitter if he was in love since he was tweeting so much, to which Meek replied, "I think I am."

Thus far the woman's identity remains a mystery. 

Source: Instagram