Only days after exposing his ex-girlfriend Angelica and her new boyfriend as clout chasers, DJ Akademiks has revealed that Angelica has been arrested after attacking him inside his home.

Sharing the news over Instagram Live, Akademiks gave a tour of his home in complete disarray, with broken doors and knife marks that went through the wall. The footage also shows a fire extinguisher was used in one of the rooms, having been sprayed everywhere while being used as a blunt instrument during the attack.

Akademiks didn't mince words when describing the altercation, saying to the camera "No lie, Angelica tried to kill me dawg, I kid you not, she ran in here with two knives," before he conceded that he "ran away like a b****." 

Later in the stream, you can hear Akademiks speak to the arriving officers, to say "I wasn't trying to get her locked up bro, she came at me with two knives, she thought this was a video game bro." Akademiks then shared a laugh with the cops, by suggesting that if Angelica had succeeded in stabbing him, then the cops would have gladly sold the pictures to TMZ.

Akademiks concluded the stream by saying that he wants a restraining order on Angelica and that he wants her to leave him alone, before sharing the message that "clout chasing has real consequences."

In the clip above, Akademiks begins to discuss the incident at the 1:05 mark. 

Source: YouTube