Never one to not mix it up on the live stream with scandalous details of your favorite rappers, DJ Akademiks has now taken to his channel to reveal drama from his own personal life. Over the weekend, Akademiks appeared on Twitch with his ex-girlfriend, Angelica Ggx, and their heated discussion allowed thousands of viewers to get a front-row seat of their scorned relationship. 

Akademiks wasted no time in calling Angelica a clout chaser, who has recently linked with Lil Peep's former collaborator, Lil Tracy, of which Akademiks has pointed out to be a clear clout chasing strategy.  

"You only had 20 thousand followers and no comments before I met you," Akademiks said as he polished off a bottle of Hennessy, "I'll find a chick from the mud and glow her up."

Angelica, however, insisted that she was the one who gave Akademiks clout, while her new friendship with Lil Tracy is platonic and completely sincere. At one point, Lil Tracy calls into the stream to speak to Akademiks directly, who refuses to accept that Tracy is not riding Lil Peep's coattails while desperately trying to break through to the mainstream.

"I don't post b******," Akademiks said in reference to how Lil Tracy and Angelica's relationship has played out on social media, "so I look at that as clout chasing, that's a clout move." 

Meanwhile, to put an exclamation point on his own clout, Akademiks screamed into the camera: "Everyone of your labels begs me to promote y'all artists. I make n***** careers that's facts."

Source: Instagram