Update 12/19/2018:

The intense debate between Offset and Layzie Bone is starting to heat up, as the two artists refuse to back down from standing up for their respective crews.

After Offset appeared to send Layzie a subliminal by suggesting that their money is no comparison, Layzie went to work on the gram to remind people that Bone Thugs are in a class of their own. Throughout the night (Dec. 18), Layzie dedicated over 10 posts towards Migos to defend his group's honor, mostly in reference to how money doesn't buy you respect.

Layzie was also quick to post statistics of all of Bone's accolades, including going 5x Platinum throughout their decorated run during the golden age of hip-hop.

For a more comedic touch, B.G. Knocc Out posted a meme of Bone Thugs in their "Soul Train" outfits, referencing the same look Migos capitalized on with Drake.    

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Update 12/18/2018:

Only a day after being called out by Layzie Bone, Offset took to Instagram to seemingly settle the score. 

"Old N**** Ain't Got A M For A Thousand! Who Wanna BET LOL," Offset wrote on IG presumably in reference to Layzie's video, apparently suggesting that their financial standing is the reason why Migos is indeed "the biggest group ever."

It seems likely that this debate is just getting started. 

Source: HotNewHipHop

Original 12/17/2018:

As soon as Migos proclaimed themselves to be the biggest rap group to ever exist, it was only inevitable that legends from hip-hop's golden age would be quick to say otherwise. Sure enough, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony wasted no time with his rebuttal, taking to IG to speak to his own group's iconic status as well as many others he'd put before Migos. 

"Young n***** talking about they're the king of R&B, young n***** talking about they're the best rap group ever," Layzie says to the camera, "I'm just here to set the record straight, Bone Thugs N Harmony we the best, the biggest to have ever done it."

Layzie goes on to name other groups deserving of that title, stating "I also could think of some others like Outkast, NWA, EPMD, Beastie Boys, that have done big things in this game and can also claim that." 

Yet to put an exclamation point on it, Layzie made sure his message was clear, by saying, "Migos sit down, we're gonna shut you down for 2019, yall lil n***** talk too much."

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