Update 12/12/2018:

Ever since Jacquees proclaimed himself to be the King of R&B, artists and singers from all over the industry have spoken out to passionately voice their own opinions on the subject, and now Diddy is ready to put the entire conversation to rest.

"Nobody's making R&B right now," the Bad Boy CEO said on his social media, "To be the King of R&B you need to make R&B... we're talking about rhythm and blues, we're talking about sharing your soul, we're talking about making love through your music, making a generations of babies... adoring a woman, not just saying you want to smash her. Adoring her."

While further delineating on what it means to make R&B, Diddy explained that "you have to be vulnerable, you have to be speaking about love, you have to be affecting women in a positive way, and your a** gotta be able to sing. We're talking about really sing."

Overall, Diddy believes that the word "King" is being too loosely thrown around at the moment, and it takes the above qualities plus more than a few hits to truly deserve that that title. 

Diddy signed off by asking for "somebody to please make some R&B, and send it to me. King or Queen. Let's get to it, let's make love."

Source: Complex


Original 12/10/2018:

R&B singer Jacquees stirred up a bit of controversy with his recent proclamation. He told his legion of followers that he is "King of R&B" but offered a caveat by stating he is only referring to this generation. Jacquees made it clear that he understands and recognizes the greats before him but said it's "Jacquees' time now." 

The bold statement raised more than a few eyebrows across the R&B world. J. Holiday, Pleasure P, Eric Bellinger, Usher, Tyrese, and Tank all chimed in to give Jacquees a bit of perspective. Tank was the swiftest with a response, remarking: 

"The accusations don't disqualify what he's accomplished. Second, if you can't go to the studio BY YOURSELF and make a hit record, you're not my king. If you can't sing it better live, you're not my king."

Eric Bellinger took the declaration as a joke, laughing with Usher while saying, "N**gas gotta put a lil more time in. [They] gotta actually have some hits, some consistency," adding, "Nobody should be the king of anything. Everybody got hits. Everybody should tour together and uplift each other. That's the problem with R&B ni**as. R&B ni**as always wanna act like they better than [the other]."

Needless to say there are those who will side with Jacquees while a majority of R&B fans may not be as quick to heap such a title on the young singer.