Pictures of a couple of notable rap figures who are currently incarcerated went viral on social media over the weekend, with a couple of photographs of former Cash Money Records star B.G. in the mix as well.

Fans who can turn the clock back to the mid-90's will recall B.G. being one of Cash Money's original artists as a member of their flagship Hot Boy group. In the early 2000's the New Orleans rapper would split from Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Turk on the heels of a failed business relationship with the label, but he'd extend his relevance in the game with a solo career that continued to prove successful through the decade.

Unfortunately, B.G.'s future in the industry and the regular presence he maintained in the lives of family and his community would be sidelined following a 2009 traffic stop that reportedly turned up weapons and drugs. The bust led to a conviction on gun possession and witness tampering that landed him behind bars on 14-year-sentence in 2012.

Earlier this year, Turk informed fans that B.G. would be released in October. Although the word hasn't been confirmed, the statement was consistent with a similar claim made by B.G.'s son T.Y. during an interview with D.J. Smallz last year. "His time was shortened. He’s coming home like within probably this year [...] If not this year, next year for sure, but we shooting for this year, you feel me? Cause he been telling me all kinds of good shit," T.Y. is recalled saying.

On Saturday, September 22, Tracey Baltimore shared a few snaps she took during a recent visit she paid to B.G. The photos make it evident that his body has filled out a bit, and that in addition to his healthy appearance he seems to be carrying high spirits.