A witness has come forward in regards to XXXtentacion's murder. Audio of the witness detailing the final moments leading up to the rapper's death has been released.

An unidentified male says that XXXtentacion drove up to a stop sign, where a black Dodge (vehicle) pulled up in front of him. Shortly after, two masked men yelled, "get the f**k out" to XXXtentacion. The witness and his friend ran into a nearby establishment and asked workers to call 911. The witness also notified employees that the men were armed.

Employees then ran outside to see what was happening. The witness explained that XXXtentacion was also puzzled about what was occurring. It was at that moment when the 20-year-old rapper was reportedly shot three times.

Those who were present at the scene ran indoors and waited for a few moments before returning to the scene. "We all came out and walked towards X's car and he was dead. And the van drove away", said the witness.

Listen to the full audio recap above.

Source: MyMixtapez