TMZ is reporting that sources with the inside scoop on Drake's camp have learned that the OVO artist is not only aware that there is a good possibility that he is the father of Sophie Brussaux's child, but that he has allegedly been cutting the check to sustain the former soft-porn star and the infant.

In a matter of days, the massive fan base that he commands has been forced to consider viewing Drake in a different light with the lyrics on Pusha T's "The Story of Adidon" painting him as a deadbeat dad.

To a great degree, Drake owes his legacy in hip-hop to his willingness and ability to craft women-friendly songs and to position himself as a more sensitive and emotionally intelligent alternative to the rugged rap prototype. But with many now shocked to contend with the possibility that he may have left Brussaux out to dry with young Adonis Graham, his team has been racing to institute an effective measure of damage control.

With headlines now trending to reveal that Drizzy might have actually been there for the boy on the low, a more settling perception of the situation may begin to take shape - given there is validity to the story.

Since the child's birth, Brussaux has cleaned up her image exponentially by clearing her Instagram page and re-representing herself in a less revealing manner. She has also reportedly left her work in porn behind her and has taken to painting. Word has been going around that the change may come as the result of a concerted effort to prepare for Drake to come out and announce that he has fathered a love-child.

According to TMZ's sources, the rapper will soon cooperate with a DNA test to confirm paternity but already has a pretty good inclination that Adonis is his.