Drake has had his share of rumors concerning women he's allegedly impregnated over the years, from celebrities to Instagram models.

On Tuesday night (May 29) Pusha T dropped a highly personal response to Drizzy's "Duppy Freestyle," with "The Story of Adidon." In the hours since its release, the OVO rap boss has been picked apart by a sea of fans who've begun to question his integrity as a man with a reminder from Push that he's got an unresolved paternity charge under wraps.

It was May of last year that soft-porn star Sophie Brussaux came out the gate with claims that she was carrying a child that to her determination couldn't have been conceived by anyone else but Drake.

Brusseaux would come under heavy skepticism from the public when the news broke. Just months earlier he was rumored to be seeing Jennifer Lopez, and the story reported by various publications alleged that their breakup was due to photos surfacing of Drake having dinner with the former video vixen in Amsterdam. The thought among many was that Brussaux was just looking for a payout. But that was then.

Now that a child has actually materialized, in little Adonis Graham, and Push has brought question of Drake's possible parenthood back to mainstream consciousness only weeks before Father's Day, it raises curiosity as to why Brussaux went so silent. According to reports, she has moved back to France and now spends her time as a painter - assumedly leaving her life before the cameras behind for life before a canvas.

Source: bossip.com