Guns aren't the reasons behind school shootings: medication is. At least that's what NRA President Oliver North explained to Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace.

It seems like the NRA doesn't see the most recent school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas as a reason for people to pursue stricter gun laws. The tragic event that killed nine students and teacher wasn't enough to give the gun-totting group a wake call. In fact, North believes the real culprit for the trending act of "carnage" within "youngsters" is the prescription of Ritalin at their young ages.

*NOTE: There have not been any records of Dimitrios Pagourtzis having Ritalin in his system.

The head gun honcho-in-charge admitted that he's not a medical professional, but doesn't stop before blaming medicating children, mainly boys, "since they were in kindergarten" for their ADHD diagnosis.

He also subtly passes the blame onto the schools for lacking proper security. The Sante Fe school's reputation for their award-winning safety program went completely unrecognized (or unknown) by North. He claims fewer school shootings would be happening if more institutes took advantage of the NRA's "School Shield" consultation. That way, professionals can prepare the building for appropriate protection. The best solution, in his opinion, is putting more metal detectors in schools.

“There was no way to detect a firearm being brought into the building...“If you want to stop the carnage, look, you’re not gonna fix it by taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens. You’ve got to fix it in a way that hardens the place sufficiently that those kids are safe inside the door. If that means five metal detectors getting in and out of the high school, you get five metal detectors."

Well, it looks like all this time we should have been fighting against proper mental health practice and not the gun laws.