Kevin Gates released new music! this is his latest project since his release from prison in January. Chained to the City features "Change Lanes," "Vouch," and "Let It Sing,"

According to, the new EP came out following days of music teasers. The artist himself spoke last week about having to stay grounded in Illinois months after getting released.

"I was watching a 'Breakfast Club' interview and I wanted to say I thank the brother Meek Mill for being compassionate towards my situation and talking about it and having a heart for my situation, but I'm not upset about my situation as far as Chicago, Illinois, these people love me here. I don't carry firearms.

I'm never in fear of anything but Allah. Someone I was with was caught with a firearm and it was pinned on me. Now I'm not about to speak [and snitch] and tell people it was yours, I don't do that. I'm a stand-up guy and I believe great people undergo great tests and I stay silent and I never complain and I ain't do it 'til the end. I just was upset about the parole."

To his fans' excitement, Gates is also scheduled to perform at different festivals this summer. Listen to Kevin Gates' new EP here.