Kanye West has been at the forefront of the media for a lot of the wrong reasons but has delivered when it comes to content in regards to leaked music and providing the masses with sneak peeks of new YEEZY products including both men's and women's footwear.

More recently former Nike and current Givenchy designer, Tony Spackman, came forward after Kanye posted a photo of some possible athletic wear designs/concepts claiming that Ye and his team stole the exact sketch images of his now Cargo Collective. Spackman took to social media with both images side-by-side with the caption reading, "When Kanye rips your 10-year-old sketch and claims it."

Spackman went on to reveal that the sketches were 13-years-old while the story began to become public knowledge which led to Kanye West taking expeditious action and firing the supposed newly hired YEEZY brand designer for plagiarizing the Givenchy designer's throwback design concepts. Kanye went on to praise Spackman on Twitter calling him the 'true creator of this amazing work'.

This entire exchange in itself is ironic being that only weeks prior to this design-appropriating incident Kanye took to Twitter and stated that society focuses too much on originality and stated that it was okay to take ideas and re-curate them. Apparently, this isn't the case for Kanye and his YEEZY team because it now looks like there's a design vacancy at YEEZY Brand.

Source: solecollector.com