David Banner says Kanye West is entitled to “say whatever he wants to say” but the rapper should understand the “responsibility” of his words. Speaking to TMZ, when asked his feelings on Kayne calling slavery “a choice,” Banner explained that he is more disheartened by the amount of energy the public is putting behind the remarks.

“Kanye has the right to say whatever he wants to say,” Banner said. “I’m more disappointed our people waste time on what anybody says. At the end of the day we put so much power in people who bounce basketballs, throw footballs or rap.”

He continued, “So many things that are going on in America that we should be talking about and should be focused. I look all down my timeline, and it’s about something or somebody that people say they disagree with so much.” While Kanye has since apologized for the comments, many notable figures have slammed the entertainer, including Spike Lee, Chris Brown, and Famous Dex.

Although he says there is nothing wrong with engaging in “free thought,” Banner believes West should’ve considered how his words affect people. “I’m more disappointed in him, not the having the responsibility to know what and what not to say.” Banner explained. “You free to think it if you want too, but like I hope he sees there’s a responsibility in things that happen.”