Kanye West's return to Twitter has had its amazing moments, and its not-so-graceful moments. In one instance, West praised Candace Owens, a Black far-right figure that has made herself an enemy of the Black Lives Matter movement. Just when people thought that was bad enough, 'Ye doubled down on his support for Donald Trump.

Hot 97's Ebro claims that he had a long discussion with Kanye this past weekend. Ebro opened up about the conversation on the air, and said, "He said, 'I do love Donald Trump,'" referring to Kanye. G.O.O.D. Music signee CyHi The Prynce took to Twitter to defend Kanye's statements, which have been regarded as blasphemous to many in the Black community.

"Why is everybody so scared of Trump I bet you right now I can look up a thousand songs, TV shows, etc. where his name is mentioned before he ran for office," stated CyHi. "Y'all scared of a man that tells y'all how he feel about you smh y'all too sensitive most of y'all talk behind people back lol."

CyHi didn't stop there though. After being addressed by angry Twitter users, he continued to write, "Half of y'all n****s is anti-black we don't stay with our women we don't take care of our kids we run off with the pack we hate on each other, etc."

Source: boxden.com