Houston based label Rap-A-Lot Records' CEO J Prince Jr. took to social media to call out Tekashi 6ix9ine on Wednesday. Prince claimed that he instructed his younger brother, Baby Jay, to stop Tekashi from entering his party. As a caption to the video of Tekashi being refused entrance, Prince wrote, "not for one second do u get it misunderstood that u can get away with the disrespect in my city the way you’ve shown in others. We won’t tolerate it. Make your next move your best move!"

Prince and his baby brother both claim that Tekashi failed to check-in when he came to Houston. 6ix9ine has been called out for not checking in with the OGs in the cities that he visits, and the "Gummo" rapper has also stated that he never will check in.

In response to J Prince, Tekashi's camp reached out to DJ Akademiks and claimed that the entire story behind Tekashi being denied entry is false. Akademiks posted a screenshot of a text message conversation that occurred between Tekashi and J Prince. In the message, J Prince Jr. sends Tekashi an address and writes, "Jr said 12:15 no later."

"Won't be able to get there by 12:15 brother gonna push it to get there before 1 if not we really appreciate the love and tell the Homie JR happy Birthday brother," responded Tekashi.

Source: Instagram