Anderson Silva continued to deny he knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs on Tuesday, and the famed UFC fighter made it clear he's looking for a resolution with the USADA so he can fight the newly retired Roy Jones Jr.

Silva has yet to see action in the octagon since testing positive for two banned substances ahead of his scheduled fight last November. The Brazilian fighter has tested positive in the past which has led to him being suspended a year from fighting.

When asked by a TMZ reporter how he could potentially have failed the test, Silva said, "Maybe the supplements I’m using is contaminated, I don’t know. I’m just waiting. Because obviously if I take these steroids, I’m stupid."

The 34-8 career fighter went on to say, "I’m waiting on my lawyers working [with] USADA, and I’m waiting for the result because I’m very excited to fight."

While he faces a potential four-year ban, Silva remains optimistic he can have a match with boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr., "I’m waiting for Mr. Roy. Because Mr. Roy is a great man to give that opportunity and this is my dream. That’s my dream, and hopefully, this fight come.”