Motherhood couldn't wait any longer for Alexis Skyy, who welcomed her baby three months early.

It seems like everyone and their neighbor knows about the Skyy/Wap lovestory. The couple has been in a public relationship, publicly broke up, and even publicly reconciled. Of course, it was only right for them to share their lastest chapter as parents too.

Though it's not Fetty's first rodeo bringing new life into the world (it's actually his fourth), it's definitely Alexis' and she couldn't have been more thrilled. The Love & Hip Hop newbie went into labor and faced some complications seeing as though baby Alaiya was only 24 weeks old. She and her rapping ex consistently took to Instagram to update fans on the status of her health.

Doctors eventually performed a C section to safely birth the preemie who only weighed one pound.

Even though the couple will have to wait some months before bringing her home, fans are very excited to follow them on their new journey together.

In other baby Wap news, the rapper is currently getting ready to welcome another baby. This will be his second with ex-girlfriend, Lezhae, bringing his family count to five children and four baby mothers.