Fetty Wap let fans know some exciting news during a recent interview... he's got two more kids on the way! This would make five total children for the New Jersey rapper who sat down with Steetz 94.5 to tell the news. He was asked if he knew the gender of each child and Fetty said that he and Alexis Skyy are expecting twins, one boy, and one girl. However, Alexis Skyy's Instagram post from a week ago made it seem that she was just expecting a girl which could mean that Fetty got another woman pregnant that hasn't been revealed yet.

Although Fetty Wap has some baby-mama issues with Alexis Skyy and Masika Kalysha, he said during his interview that he was put on Earth to be a provider. When asked how he felt about the new additions Wap stated that he's happy to be able to receive another blessing.

Check out the clip above.

Source: instagram.com