Earlier this week, it was reported Miami rapper and ‘Look At Me’ artist XXXtentacion had been sent back to jail for violating bond and was facing seven new felonies charges. Initially, these might have stemmed from his 2016 domestic violence case, but reports note this was due to XXXtentacion fans threatening the judge so much that they had to recuse themselves from the case.

It seemed everything was going away as the Miami New Times reported that XXXTentacion had filed a document alleging the woman who filed charges no longer wanted him to be prosecuted, and she did not plan to testify against him. However, prosecutors were unsure how valid the affidavit was, which led to the new changes.

XXXTentacion kept his fans abreast of the evolving situation and posted the court info, which led to an onslaught of harassment and thousands of people showing up to the courthouse to support the rapper. This caused the new judge to believe XXXTentacion was making a spectacle of the situation and ordered him to be taken out into to custody.

XXXTentacion continued to keep his fans updated and recently told them to stay believing, saying, “I love you all, and no matter what, I will continue to love and support you all, dead or alive.”

We’ll continue to keep you updated as this case grows.