In wake of rapper Lil Peep's tragic and sudden passing, many within the hip-hop community are finally having the tough conversation regarding mental health and drug addiction. Some rappers are calling this a wake-up call about abusing prescription drugs while others are pointing out how Lil Peep's cries for help were left unanswered. Needless to say, in the case of Lil Peep, battling both drug addiction and mental health caused his sudden end.

XXXTentacion, who has been vocal about mental health since coming on the scene took to Instagram to rally his followers against drug use this time. He told his followers:

We gon start a whole new wave, a whole new movement called 'F**k Xanax'... If I see anyone posting them doing Xanax online you f**kin' stupid, if you promote drug use and promote Xanax after Lil Peep died you f**kin' stupid... [#]stopdoingXanax2017.

Are you jumping on XXXTentacion's new wave? Do you think rappers will use Lil Peep's death as a wake-up call or will they continue to abuse and promote drugs?