The death of 21-year-old emo rapper Lil Peep has raised awareness about drug addiction in the hip-hop community. His cause of death hasn't been officially ruled, but it's suspected that he overdosed on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

TMZ caught up with Daz Dillinger who said artists need to stop glorifying pill popping. Tha Dogg Pound legend infamously rapped about marijuana back in the day but says the danger with drugs today is much higher.

"These kids nowadays are being drug addicts. The culture is addiction," said Daz. "The way we gotta teach the kids about that part of the game; these new scientific drugs they coming out with will kill you, quick. They got some stuff that will take away headaches; they got some stuff that will knock you off around here. Especially two Xanax pills."

"When we was coming up we was smoking chronic, we made The Chronic," Daz continued. "We was smoking weed and now weed is legal. Now pharmacy drugs is illegal if you don't have the right prescription. Everybody is a muthaf**kin addict."

"You gotta take care of yourself. Know what you taking. Read, instead of listening to the song," Daz said when asked what advice he would give. "Cause the next person gonna take after what he did and it's gonna be more young youth that's dying and that's what we gotta stop, this pharmaceutical drug thing. That's a big thing; it's a big money thing, it's a big thing to the culture. Addiction for the young homies and stuff gotta get them off that."