Stephen A. Smith exploded on LeBron James during his broadcast on ESPN Radio on Tuesday afternoon, July 25, setting off a 15-minute tirade that picked up steam when he confessed that LeBron sometimes gets on his "last nerves" and that "within the last couple of hours, he most certainly has."

The veteran analyst took to the airwaves intent upon discussing the Cowboys' recent woes in Dallas, and was eager to host a one-on-one with Florida Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher, but he made it clear out of the gate that he could not begin to focus on the topics of the day without addressing LBJ on a matter he called "personal." Considering that he from that point forward began to defend his journalistic integrity, it was apparent that Smith had become enraged by Lebron earlier tweeting "#NoFacts" and dismissing Smith in regards to his claim that a source had informed him James would be tempted to "beat" Kyrie Irving if he saw him.

"You better understand something ladies and gentleman and it’s not just applicable to me. It’s applicable to the great Adrian Wojnarowski, Marc Stein, the Ric Bucher’s of the world, the Chris Broussard’s of the world. We never report everything we know," Smith said. After expounding on the cautiousness with which he and other professionals approach what they report, Smith admitted that there are times in which he doesn't feel like holding back anymore, stating, "I gotta tell y'all there are some moments when professional athletes literally tempt you to go nuclear on them. And I stand here before you today right in that zone with LeBron James."

“What if I got into the REAL story of what happened with LeBron James against Boston the year before — or that spring when he decided to leave Cleveland and take his talents to South Beach? But we don’t want to get into that," Smith then followed, conjuring up a whole lot of smoke in the form of innuendo that has followed the Cavs leader for years.

Check out the full segment above.

Source: YouTube