Stories of Airline troubles have resumed in the news cycle over the past couple of days, particularly as they concern hip-hop artists. On Friday, July 14, SchoolBoy Q took to social media to share that his dog had been put on to a different United Airlines airplane and flown out to the wrong city. That very same day TMZ released footage of an altercation Jacquees got into with a passenger who directed a profanity at him as he was being escorted off of a flight. And by Saturday afternoon, Nipsey Hussle was griping about his own experience with a rude Delta Airlines passenger.

"Look at this Coward behind me...this clown had the nerve to tap my shoulder and TELL NOT ASK me 'put yo headphones on' I looked at this PoinDexter and almost laughed before I told cuz to shut tha f*c up and finish his crossword puzzle," Nipsey wrote in the caption of a photo of the man that he posted to Instagram. "And he shutted right tha fucc up....and finished his puzzle....muthaf***as be too comfortable...ima old school n***a...I'll slap yo a** jus cuz of slavery," he continued on to write.

It isn't the first time rappers have made the news over airline spats this year. Earlier this month Migos were removed from a flight in Atlanta for failing to place their belongings in the overhead compartment of the Delta plane.